Abdulmumin Yaqeen

About me

I'm Abdulmumin Yaqeen Abdulkarim, Currently a part time Technical Writer and pursuing my Cyber Security degree.

I write lots of Python and Javascript code, and have worked in various field spanning web, mobile and cloud computing.

I have a deep fascination for computer science and gaining a deeper knowledge on computational paradigms.

Things I Enjoy

  • - Writing ✏️

    I love writing, and have been sharing my thoughts on this platform and others(dev.to, hashnode.com) for quite a while.

  • - Drawing 🎨

    Not a pro, mostly just doodling away.

  • - Photography 📸
  • Alone time 🔇
  • - & Of course, Nature!! 🌌

    I love universe and the creator, nature and all of It beauty. The state of constant "awe", is just exciting to me!!